Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Golf Tournament

Don't forget everyone about our annual Golf Tournament! Riverbend Links Golf Course in Tunica, MS will be hosting this years tourney on October 9th, 2009. We still have alot of players that have yet to pay, so if you are one of those players please contact Michele Griffin ( Also, we are still in need of Hole Sponsers so please spread the word. Well, see you guys soon!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Hey fellow MPC members! The Fish Fry has been moved from September 8th to September 15th due to Labor Day being September 7th. Hope everyone can still make it out! It should be a good time with great food!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MPC Luncheon- June 9th

Once again, we had a successful luncheon at Spaghetti Warehouse. We would like to thank Janet Boscarino from Clean Memphis Inc. for being our guest speaker. She spoke on how Memphis Propeller Club (MPC) and Clean Memphis (CM) plan to work together to clean up McKeller Lake. She explained how in the 1950's Memphis was a five-time winner of the "Nation's Cleanest City" award, but Memphis now holds the title for one of the dirtiest cities. Memphis's population growth has declined and this is mainly due to crime and grime as CM says. CM has partnered with local businesses and universities to help work towards making Memphis one of the cleanest cities again. By making Memphis a cleaner city, crime will decline instead of population growth and this will promote a sense of pride in our community, not just our Tigers. We hope to get as many MPC members as we can to help with this clean up. CM knows of groups such as fraternities and sororities that need volunteer hours to help as well. If you know of any organizations that would be willing to help, please contact someone on our Clean-Up Committee.

Jody Davenport invited Kevin Bebout from Memphis Police Dept to our luncheon for everyone to meet. He is the patrolman on President's Island and he is working hard towards reducing crime down there. He has requested that we put his contact information on here so that if anyone sees anything (or any ladies) out of the ordinary, to give him a call and he will leave where ever he is to come down there and take care of it. He seems very passionate about his job and we are very fortunate to have him as the patrolman there. His number is 901.314.4482 and his email is We have put all this information on the left side of the site where the commitees are for the future.

As always, we had our raffle. We received $150 so we were able to have 4 drawings. Ms. Debbie Howse with the help of Brian Leatherman picked our winners:

Janet Boscarino (Clean Memphis): $50 Winner

Janet had to leave earlier for a meeting, so Mike McCaskill claimed her prize. (Janet, see Mike to receive your winnings)

Don McCrory(Port of Memphis): $40 Winner

Don's guest, George Grugett, is happy because he's hoping Don is going to take him out to dinner.

David Morris (Economy Wickliffe): $40 Winner

Rick Prince and Steve London sure are eyeing that $40... Too bad for them that David was heading back to Wickliffe and wouldn't have time to share his winnings.

Paula Hasting (SGS): $20 Winner

Elizabeth and Jason are just as excited becuase they know Paula is taking them out for drinks before they head back into work.

Lastly, we would like to welcome and thank Ryan Johnston and Heath Burns as they have volunteered as the new board members.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spaghetti Warehouse Lunch- March 10

We had a great turnout Tuesday, March 10th for the luncheon at Spaghetti Warehouse. We had 38 in attendance. We would like to thank our guest speaker, Ted Waxler, Executive Vice President of Waxler Transportation Company. We learned about the AWO (American Waterways Operators) and a little family history.

Also, we heard about the McKeller Lake “trash” from Stan Johnson. Stan shared with us some pictures he had taken several months ago of the trash all along side of the river. It is amazing at what is up and down the river... basketballs, bottles, refrigerators, toys, and tons and tons of cans. Larry and Rita Stanley, owners of Riverside Park Marina, will be co-chairs of the clean up committee. Other members of the committee are Stan Johnson, Tony Johnston, and Rick Prince. If you would like to help, please contact one of the board members.

Ted Waxler and Jody Davenport

As of March 10th, we have 59 members!! We are always looking for more members. We need to support our local club, so please spread the word. It is only $50.00 to join. This is a great way to network with people within our industry. If anyone needs an application, please e-mail Michele Griffin ( and she will be more than happy to forward one to you.

Mike McCaskill & Jack Liddell .

Steve Dumey & Dewayne Giltner................. Brian Leatherman & Travis London .

Capt. Tony Johnston, Capt. Jim Davis ....................Greg Peabody,Randy King
& Derrick Smith................................................. & Jim Davis